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This applies for symphony one only.

This does not apply to all license types.

Contact sales if you need more information.

The throughput of the system, in terms of objects being synchronized in parallel, can be configured to achieve the required scalability.


The scalibility is restricted by system resources, such as CPU and network.

Execution times of the synchronization will vary depending on numberous factors, e.g. network connection speed, tool response times, number and size of attachments or actions implemented in custom extensions. None of these factors can be influenced or optimized by agosense.

If 1 sec is the average execution time of a synchronization in your environment, the system will be able to process 32 objects within a second. In other words it will process 1920 objects within a minute.

If you have to process more objects, you can adjust a parameter that is called parallelism. The parallelism parameter defaults to 32.

In order to activate a change of the parameter to 64, please follow these steps:

  • Stop the application
  • Add or change the line parallelism=64 in the file conf/bundles/com.agosense.symphony.control-default.cfg
  • Start the application

For the above example, upgrading the parameter to 64 would result in 3840 objects being synchronized in parallel.


When adjusting the parameter, make sure to monitor the system resources closely after each change. This is to prevent from configuring a system overload situation.