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  • Availability of Salesforce adapter in symphony ONE (DEVSYM-608)
  • Availability of ServiceNow adapter in symphony ONE (DEVSYM-432)
  • Availability of Rally adapter in symphony ONE (DEVSYM-541)

Symphony ONE#

  • Support for encrypting the database password (DEVSYM-355)
  • Backported UI flashing fix to 3.4.x symphony (DEVSYM-621)
  • Flag create target is now taken into account (DEVSYM-582)
  • Optimize GraphQL performance (DEVSYM-601)
  • Increased default size for icons and text (DEVSYM-469)
  • Normalized identity field behavior, duplicate email addresses are skipped, unknown users are treated as null (DEVSYM-559)
  • Performance improvement for sync loading in UI (DEVSYM-532)
  • Improved scrolling for syncs and mappings (DEVSYM-600)

Symphony Classic#

  • Improved performance for extended template through new entity attachment syncer (DEVSYM-241)
  • Backported UI flashing fix to 3.4.x symphony (DEVSYM-621)
  • Showing failed runs in dashboard (DEVSYM-473)
  • Reset of referenced values on change fixed (DEVSYM-560)
  • Fixed mapping issue with empty value list (DEVSYM-610)

Jira Adapter#

  • Fixed user load paging for on-premise Jira instances for symphony ONE (DEVSYM-640)
  • Support for PAT authentication for on-premise jira installations (DEVSYM-411)
  • Availability of the status field for symphony ONE (DEVSYM-578)

Codebeamer Adapter#

  • Recursive exposure of users in groups during session creation (DEVSYM-622)
  • Fixed access to reporting API (DEVSYM-616)

Integrity Adapter#

  • Fixed issue when query result is empty (DEVSYM-624)
  • Access to field definitions by issue type (DEVSYM-577)

JazzCCM Adapter#

  • Fixed query result differences for different JazzCCM server versions (DEVSYM-625)

TAEESI Adapter#

  • Improve socket related error messages (DEVSYM-547)

DoorsNext Adapter#

  • Added support for components, streams and baselines (DEVSYM-496)
  • Retrieve folder modules (DEVSM-523)

Starc Adapter#

  • Optimized query for meta data (DEVSYM-593)