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  • Install Java 17


  • Update your extensions to the latest version of the process, see current extension versions
  • Update your extensions parent POM to the latest version, see current extension versions
  • Update your custom processes to use the latest parent POM and extended template, see current process versions
  • Update your custom adapters to use the latest parent POM, see current adapter versions
  • To prevent any incompatibility, please recompile your symphony one extensions using the latest process version
  • Rebuild your customizations with target jdk version 11, set <target.release>11</target.release> in your POM


  • Please setup https with a proper certificate, see here for details
  • Make sure to verify all your TAEESI config sets, there is a new flag octane, see Changelog for details

PostgreSQL Migration#


  • Prepare Postgres 13
  • Disable schedules as described in the Config Section
  • Wait for all running processes to finish
  • Make sure no modifications in the UI happen during the migration
  • Make sure to test the migration in your test environment first
  • Make sure the target database is empty so no duplicate elements exist after the migration

Reporting data will not be migrated


  • conf/bundles/symphony.db.cfg points to the source database
  • create/update conf/bundles/symphony.db.migration.cfg as a copy of conf/bundles/symphony/symphony.db.cfg
  • Adjust conf/bundles/symphony/symphony.db.migration.cfg to point to the target db


  • open ssh -p 8444 root@localhost

The default password is root

  • The shell will prompt:

To start the migration execute the following command:


You can use two options with the command, add -T to run the migration in test mode which will print out all invalid database entries that will be skipped during the migration and -E if you wish to run the true migration.

The migration will run in the background. You can see the progress by checking the file:


If everything went fine you should see the following message:

successfully migrated scheduling data

Reset config#

  • Enable schedules as described in the Config Section
  • Update conf/bundles/symphony.db.cfg to point to your target Postgres database. You can also copy from conf/bundles/symphony.db.migration.cfg