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Native installations of agosense.symphony do require a PostgreSQL database instance. Currently PostgeSQL 14 is supported. When setting up the database, make sure:

  • Database encoding must be UTF8
  • Extension pgcrypto installed (please make sure it can be used by all schemas)
  • Extension uuid-ossp installed (please make sure it can be used by all schemas)

See Database configuration for further details.


  • 4 GB free memory

Operating Systems#

  • Windows 2019 Server
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • CentOS 8


  • Firefox 97
  • Chrome 99


  • Java 17

Start and Stop#

The native installation provides a startup script for linux based systems and a service executable on windows.


You can login to symphony classic at: https://<server>:<port>/classic

or login to symphony one at: https://<server>:<port>/


The initial https cerificate is self-signed, so the browser will complain about it. Please make sure to install a valid certificate asap

The predefined admin user is root and the initial password is root.

The default https port is 8443

Java VM Options#

The customization of the Java VM options is done using the file agosense.symphony.service.vmoptions located in the installtion folder.

Move Application to a new Server#

If the application has to be moved to a new server, the following procedure is recommended:

  • Choose a new server that matches the current prerequisites
  • Stop the application on the old server to prevent clashes on the database backend
  • Backup the database
  • Backup the old installation folder
  • Make a new installation of the application on the new server
  • Add your custom adapters to the new installation
  • Add your custom processes to the new installation
  • Connect the new installation with the existing database
  • Apply all Java VM customizations
  • Apply any configuration changes
  • Apply custom key store or trust store used
  • Start the application

To identitfy configuration customizations, you can use the diff command.

If your new installation is located at /app/new and you have copied all configuration files of the old installation to /conf/old you can run the following command:

diff /conf/old /app/new/conf

Per difference detected you will receive a report like:

diff /conf/old/com.agosense.nucleus.http.cfg /app/new/conf/com.agosense.nucleus.http.cfg15c15< https.enabled=true---> https.enabled=false

In the above case it means, you had enabled HTTPS on the old server.


Please make sure to use the same timezone on the new server.

Update Application#


During the update procedure the updater will perform the following steps:

  • Create backup folder for:
    • libs
    • conf
    • logs
    • bundle
    • vmoptions
  • Install new version
  • Restore files from backup:
    • bundle/java-processes
    • bundle/bpel-processes
    • libs
    • conf/symphony.cfg
    • conf/main.realm
    • conf/
    • conf/bundles/symphony.db.cfg
    • conf/bundles/com.agosense.symphony.db-default.cfg
    • conf/bundles/com.agosense.nucleus.http.cfg

Manual Tasks#

  • Copy custom truststore/keystore if required
  • Update java truststore

Refer to our Truststore and SSL sections for more details.