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Version: 3.4.6



  • New STARC adapter for symphony one (DEVSYM-477)

Symphony ONE#

  • Attribute removal or addition from the extensions is now taken into account for the cheksum calculation (DEVSYM-581)

Symphony CLASSIC#

  • Fixed issues with ping for matricula module in REST endpoint (DEVSYM-548)
  • Various optimizations for the postgres migration tool (DEVSYM-570)

DoorsNext Adapter#

  • Support for user type attributes (DEVSYM-521)
  • Support for module hierarchy information (DEVSYM-497)

Codebeamer Adapter#

  • Added proxy configuration for symphony classic (DEVSYM-553)

QC ALM Adapter#

  • Support for the XSRF header that is mandatory as of QC ALM 16 (DEVSYM-558)